We welcome dogs with considerate owners...

When we stay at B&Bs, we often wish to take our dogs with us, and Upper Buckton is situated in lovely countryside with many opportunities for walks in fields, on hills  and beside rivers. Seems a shame not to bring them with you!

However, we need to consider other guests and minimise the extra work that some dogs bring if their owners are a little lax...

So here is a list of what we expect dog owners to observe whilst staying with us.


Dogs are free to stay in your room with you, provided they are not left alone. The exception is when eating as dogs and dining rooms don't mix!

We have a large garden so there is plenty of room for your dog to run around outside off the lead. However, the fields around us are grazed by sheep so please make sure that your dog is on a lead when you approach the bottom of the garden near the millstream. Whilst one boundary is dog proofed, beyond the stream is a ha-ha over which a dog could easily wander and distress the sheep.

Please don't allow dogs on the beds. If they are impossible to stop, cover the bedding with a thick blanket, towel or dog bed as our sheets are white and we would like them to stay that way!

A bin is provided for bagged deposits - please be vigilant!