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Dinner - by arrangement, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday evenings

At Upper Buckton B&B, your dinner will be cooked by Mary Berry! Not THE Mary Berry but a Mary Berry. However, she is a decent cook and can rustle up a good repast!

We offer a fixed menu so let us know your food dislikes in plenty of time and we will make sure we don't serve them! We then create a fixed menu based on the ingredients that are fresh and available


Please give us 48 hours notice that you would like dinner.

20210610_200422 (1) (1).jpg
20210610_202842 (1).jpg

Chicken & chorizo pie with spring greens, roast carrots & cauliflower puree

Lambshanks in red wine jus with croquette potato, roasted shallots and green beans

Rose flavoured pannacotta with toasted pistachios

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