At Upper Buckton B&B, your dinner will be cooked by Mary Berry! Not THE Mary Berry but a Mary Berry. However, she is a decent cook and can rustle up a good repast.

Let us know what you adore, like, dislike and hate and we will endeavour to please.


  • smoked salmon

  • homemade soup

  • goats cheese tartlets

  • bacon, walnut and Stilton salad

  • risotto

  • pate with onion chutney

Main courses

  • fish pie

  • salmon with a watercress sauce

  • lamb shanks in red wine

  • chicken with Boursin

  • boeuf en daube

  • pheasant Normande


  • Bramley apple crumble

  • Eve's pudding

  • lemon meringue pie

  • homemade ice cream with fruit compote

An Upper Buckton dinner is

five courses:


Main course



Coffee/tea & petits fours

Vegetarian & Vegan
We often enjoy both vegetarian and vegan meals as a family just because there are some delicious recipes out there!

Dishes could include


  • Vegan chilli 

  • Sticky Shitake mushrooms

  • Haloumi stuffed peppers

  • Creamy vegetarian lasagne

  • Homemade nut roast